Vance Alm, M.D.

Democratic Candidate for Nevada's Second Congressional DistricT



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Health insurance is not health care. We need to correct issues in health care, not only focus on the cost. We need to focus on access to quality care and reign in insurance companies that only care about their bottomline. I want to increase the numbers of physicians and specialties. Expand research and treatment evaluation. Reduce pharmaceutical costs. And increase allocations to underserved and rural areas. I believe we need to pass legislation that addresses the opioid crisis and expand mental heatlh services. My goal is to ensure all Americans have access to quality healthcare. As a physician, every day I see the detrimental effects our present health care system is having on all walks of life. Together we can make a difference.


The United States is a nation of immigrants. Each wave of immigrants was met with resistance from the previous inhabitants. We are now seeing a new generation whose impact has already been significant and whose safety and welfare I want to secure. Our country has always been a place of opportunity which is why I support practical and fair immigration reform. I also strongly support legislation that allows families to stay in the United States while they apply for citizenship. And this is also why I strongly support the “Dream Act,” the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Those coming to the U.S. are striving to make a better life for themselves and their family. We should welcome refugees and also provide a path to citizenship.

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When I was young and my mother was a union bartender, she expressed why unions are so important. She told me without unions we would not have an eight-hour day or a five-day work week.  Unions also helped to ensure the safety of workers. Something that had not been done before my father was killed in an industrial accident. I fear this is slipping away because some politicians and corporate interests are trying to erode the affect of collective bargaining. We need to work with labor and unions to ensure the best working conditions for all Americans.


We currently have politicians who have been bought and paid for by big corporations, special interests, and super PACs to say global warming is fake. Yet the majority of scientists say it is a real, and growing, problem that must be addressed. I couldn't agree more. I plan to work to strengthen the EPA. As a legislator, I will push for more efficiency; more use of renewable resources, and more research on alternatives to toxic products. I would support initiatives to change our water use pattern that could improve or eliminate flood-drought cycles. As your representative I would push for research on agriculture products that are less needy of water, toxic fertilizer, and dangerous pesticides. I would support increased investigation and promotion of the benefits of eating "lower on the food chain," with emphasis on eating healthy and decreased food waste. Being stewards of our planet will result in a livable world for generations to come.


veterans & military

My career in the military defines my life and provided me with unique experiences. Serving my country first as an army infantryman, then as an Air Force Captain (navigator), provided insight into our nation's defense, and interest in foreign policy.  I served nearly six years overseas and grasped how different American ideology is from other countries. I support protecting Veterans' healthcare. I intend to support legislation that ensures the safety of our military abroad.

Financial Industry Reform

The issues of trusts, monopolies, and "too big to fail" have been addressed time and again, yet banks, insurance companies, and big corporations continue to circumvent the safeguards enacted by Congress. Many have once again become "too big to fail." I therefore support strengthening the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Antitrust Act,  and the Celler–Kefauver Act. I also favor legislation that brings back Glass-Steagall and separates commercial and investment banking. Most importantly, I will push for strengthening the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and holding financial services accountable for any wrongdoing, including employees and Wall Street executives

Gun Policy

It's time to enact sensible legislation. I strongly support enforcement of the three-day waiting period and the requirement of expanded criminal background checks on all gun purchases in the United States. This would include information on felony convictions, domestic violence complaints, restraining orders, federal and state watch lists. I also support limiting access to persons designated by a court of law as mentally ill.  I strongly oppose allowing guns on college campuses and in government buildings.


Complacency is killing healthcare, and it's affecting you. I want to change that. I'm Vance Alm, and I'm your candidate for Nevada's CD2. #KeepCalmVoteAlm