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Providing Representation, Equality, and Fairness to all Nevadans

Health, education, and jobs - through countless conversations I have found that these are three of the fundamental issues about which Nevadans are most concerned.  Unfortunately, in today's political system, attempts made by reasonable representatives are being stopped by a blockade of partisan politics.

We, as a nation, need to address the problems confronting our citizens.  And I, as your representative in Nevada, will work for you to help solve these problems that you face every day.

There needs to be meaningful dialogue to reach compromise when needed.  As Nevadans, we have a basic sense of fairness, and we expect our representatives to enact legislation that is not only going to improve our daily lives, but also enhance our nation as a whole, providing that sense of fairness to every citizen.

Nevada's representatives can not represent special interests, while claiming to be a representative to all of the people in Nevada, or in the country.  As your congressional representative, I will enact legislation and vote according to my beliefs for the best possible good of all Nevadans.

We, as Nevadans, need to set an example for the nation that political offices are not up for sale.  We need to show that each and every vote is the same.  No matter who you are - you are one person, one voice, and one vote.

Protect and honor your freedoms and your rights - VOTE!


Would you like to see the United States of America save $242 Billion in one year?

Would you like to save roughly $4,800 per year as a hard working American and roughly $11,500 per year as an employer in America?

Would you like to have the freedom to work full-time or part-time, without it impacting your medical benefits and be able to choose where you work without having to be tied to a particular employer due to their benefits?

We can achieve this, and so much more!


Would you like to see the United States help 1 million small businesses/entrepreneurs create approximately 12 million new jobs in one year?

Would you like to see the U.S. do this for less than what it cost to bail out the banks?


Our education system is not consistent or affordable.  Sadly, Nevada ranks at the bottom of the nation in education.  This is not acceptable.  Our youth are our future. 

Military, National Defense, and Veterans

Throughout my military career, political affiliations could not come into play.  My duties, and the oath to which I swore when I agreed to serve my country, were to honor and defend this great country and every person, regardless of their beliefs.  The breadth and depth of my experiences provide me with a unique background for this critical job of representing you. 



One Person, One Voice, One Vote

You are one person, one voice, and one can make an impact on your future and America's future.

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