On the Issues

I have spent my life working with and helping people from every walk of life. 
My career has been spent creating plans and solutions for every type of person. 
Stand with me as I fight to continue my work in Washington, D.C. as your Representative.



Health insurance is not health care. We need to correct issues in health care, not only focus on the cost. We need to focus on access to quality care. Increase the numbers of physicians and specialties. Expand research and treatment evaluation. Reduce pharmaceutical costs. And increase allocations to underserved and rural areas. 



My career in the military defines my life and provided me with unique experiences. Serving my country first as an army infantryman, then as an Air Force Captain (navigator), provided insight into our nation's defense, and interest in foreign policy.  I served nearly six years overseas and grasped how different American ideology is from other countries. 



When I was young and my mother was a union bartender, she expressed why unions are so important. She told me without unions we would not have an eight-hour day or a five-day work week.  Unions also helped to ensure the safety of workers. Something that had not been done before my father was killed in an industrial accident. I fear this is slipping away because some politicians and corporate interests are trying to erode the affect of collective bargaining. We need to work with labor and unions to ensure the best working conditions for all Americans.