A Message from Dr. Alm

My fellow nevadans:

One of my top priorities in my campaign as your candidate for Nevada’s 2ndCongressional District is to give you a choice.  In today’s political arena, we are too often faced with the lesser of two evils, or voting against a certain candidate.  Just as many of us are sick and tired of nay-sayers and those who are more willing to say why something can’t be done, as opposed to coming up with a plan or idea of how it CAN be done, we are also tired of the status quo.  I am here to give you someone you can vote FOR.  I am listening.  I hear the message you are trying to send to the political establishment.

I hope that you will join me in my endeavors to make a difference for Nevada.  I am tired of partisan politics, as are many of you.  Partisan politics are preventing any meaningful work from being done in our government.  It is time for new leadership and new representation; leaders who are ready to go to work and walk the walk in Washington. 

This bears repeating, Nevada’s representatives cannot represent special interests, while claiming to be a representative to all of the people in Nevada, or in the country.  We, as Nevadans, need to set an example for the nation that political offices are not up for sale.  Just as your vote and your voice are not for sale, neither are mine.  My campaign is powered by you, my supporters, not the political establishment or big business.  I have not taken, nor will I take, contributions from corporations.  I am beholden to Nevadans, not the corporations.  Your support, your voice, and your vote are what will make this campaign a success.


Vance Alm, M.D.